Rules for caring, washing and ironing silk garments


1.Avoid contact of the silk with perfumes and deodorants, in the case of deodorants, let it dry before wearing. In the case of perfumes, contact with silk is forbidden

2.To remove stains, never use water, in case of having an accident, it is best to identify the stain to know how to treat it

3.Do not use ordinary detergents and much less bleaching products, try to get some special product to wash the silk or a gel for delicate clothes. Common detergents penetrate the tissue and can be yellow, especially when ironing

4.Hand and cold water wash

5.Wash quickly without soaking

6.To remove excess soap, you can add a small spoonful of vinegar or a few drops of lemon, this will help you to lighten the garment and restore its natural shine

7.Do not squeeze, squeeze, or spin the silk. When finishing the washing, do not squeeze, drain and to avoid dripping by placing it on a towel to absorb excess water. You can wind without putting pressure on the garment

8.Avoid hanging the garment, since it is easily deformed. Do not use tongs, if possible place on a table and stretch to dry without folds and obtain optimal ironing

9.Do not expose the silk to the sun, after washing, let dry under shade, you should never hit the sun directly


10.When ironing, do not spray water to reduce wrinkles, do not vaporize the silk

11.For the ironing of silk garments, to do it in reverse, it is recommended to do it on the opposite side or simply to use a cloth so that the silk does not have direct contact with the iron

12.The ironing of the silk must be done at low temperatures, we remind you that it is a delicate matter and protein like our hair, much heat will burn the fabric.

13.Never iron stained clothing, neither silk or any other fabric, heat will fix the stain ny other fabric, heat will fix the stain