For more than 20 years of work I have been growing in various disciplines.

I always thought you expand the more the viewing angle, the more you realize your job and also if you add a commitment to your ideas, your beliefs and desires, the result in view of others is, at least, curious, can even become different, challenging and, why not, enjoyable.

I try to connect with the essence of the woman and tried to find a language that allows us to dress inside out, without haste, without demands, through color, drawing and simple, harmonious lines and I enjoy very much so. I believe in the quality of people above fashions and idioms and I think we can all express ourselves with what we get, we relate to the environment by providing beauty, is it within the rules or not.

I observe, think and paint. That would be the very summary outline of my work. Through direct painting, batik and technical backup, tight silk in racks and thinking what will be his destination, drawing and red with different reasons for different sensibilities and tastes.
After that are sewn one by one, gently and patiently.

It is a slow and delicate work and sometimes a little frustrating for me, I am impatient, but silk is a magical support in the colors because it seems to enlighten more so, gives them life, elevates. It is very rewarding.

I spend many hours analyzing pictures, reading and thinking to not paralyze building with white canvas and that the piece can be expressive freshness that I think is fundamental for a special garment. The end result is always a unique piece at a price that I try to be reasonable considering the quality of the raw material and the exclusivity of the process.

I graduated in Painting and Drawing from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and specialist in Public Art by it. I attended graduate school of Cultural Management at the UOC. and different courses of Graphic Design, Edition and new technologies.

My work was so extensive field and allowed me well developed media and graphic design, web, multimedia, etc ..., as well as commercial projects and collaborations in different areas of Culture until I got to the silks and found my medium .